Pipe Deterioration & Inspection Corrosion Problems Solved

AVPipingDoctor (Piping Material Inspection)

Are there any worries of the thermoplastic piping material. Please consider a professional diagnosis to consult us.

Piping Check

Made not only of plastics but of many other materials, piping materials do not have infinite durability, and deterioration due to aging may give rise to serious failure. To keep piping equipment in good condition, it is vital to grasp its state accurately and to take appropriate steps.

Export to Overseas Product Warranty & Export Control

Export Control

In meeting this social and legal obligation, we are asking for your cooperation in providing us information relating to the intended use of our products. Information such as copies of agreements, company organization chart and affidavits of end-use may be required for export permission.

Product Warranty

Be sure to read the following description of our product warranty

Control to the Valve Valve Sizing Service

ASAHI AV Valve Sizing Service

ASAHI AV Valve Sizing Service

To See/Check the Product Trade-Show

ASAHI AV Valve and Piping Systems

Trade Show Information

Listings & Approvals

Listings & Approvals

Quality and Environmental Activity Introduction

Quality Control

Quality Management Systems (Valve & Piping Systems Administration)

Environment Control

Environment Management System (Valve & Piping Systems Administration)