We exhibited at ACHEMA 2018

  From 11th to 15th June 2018 ASAHI AV Europe participated in ACHEMA 2018 held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, together with our partners, FRANK GmbH and Agru. ACHEMA is one of the biggest exhibitions worldwide for the process industry, and this time more than 3,700 exhibitors from 55 countries showcased the latest equipment processes for the chemical, pharma and food industry.

Our Concept was "conveyor-belt sushi"


  Why sushi? Well, it's simple. What do you associate with "Japan" and "good quality"? Sushi! What is remarkable about sushi in Japan? It's on conveyor belts! That's how we ended up replacing sushi with our products on the conveyor belt at the exhibition.

    Our staff even dressed up as sushi chefs. They were from our technical engineering team and not real sushi chefs.

        We also showcased our oldest diaphragm valve manufactured back in 1959.

     This is a customized audio speaker all made of ASAHI pipes and ASAHI valves that we used at the booth.

More images taken at the exhibition are shown in the video below.

  On the day, we streamed in our booth the three varieties of movies we introduced earlier. At the ending of
ASAHIAV_TOKYO VLOG#1, you can see how it was on the day. We hope you enjoy these videos.

 We would like to thank all of you who took their time to visit our booth. And to all of you who missed the chance to visit us this year, we're looking forward to seeing you at the next ACHEMA in 2021!