We have uploded our Image Movie

1.  ASAHIAV Image Movie - TOKYO Vlog #1 - English & Japanese

Polina (A YouTuber from the States) comes to Tokyo for the first time to meet her best friend Alice.
They walk around neighborhoods in Tokyo and visit a sushi restaurant. When they come inside
the restaurant there is something they've never seen on the conveyor belt...

2.  ASAHIAV Image Movie - Let's Go to Valve Island - English & Japanese

Light, sturdy, and rust-resistant, ASAHI YUKIZAI's valves are used in all kinds of places, including places we don't tend to notice: Chemical plants, production lines that create medicines, steel mill, manufacturing plants for semiconductors and LCD panels, water supply & sewage system, Agriculture, and more.
ASAHIAV valves work every day to make our lives more safe, secure, and enjoyable. In all kinds of hidden places, all over the world.

3. ASAHIAV Pneumatic Ball Valve Type AR (Short Film)

Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve Type AR"
You see, we understand.
We visited customer worksites, in pursuit of something revolutionary; in pursuit of something to solve
our customer's most common problems. As a result, we developed a long-lasting, and easy-to-use, compact valve.
We present: ASAHIAV Pneumatic Ball Valve Type AR